The Underground City - Montreal

RÉSO is commonly referred to as a network of interconnected office towers, shopping centres, and residential complexes, but it is not just that. It is actually a large urban development that spans across several city blocks and is considered a unique urban space.

If you are planning to visit Montreal, you will need to know where to go and what to do. The RÉSO is made up of two separate parts - the RÉSO Centre and the RÉSO Underground.

When visiting The Underground City, make sure to take the metro train to Place Ville-Marie, where you'll find a number of bakeries, coffee shops, and art galleries. From there, you can access the concourse of the station, which is lined with a series of art deco friezes of Canadian workers in socialist fervour. During the summer, the temperature is quite warm, so it's perfect for people-watching.

The Underground City is one of the city's major attractions, and it's a perfect reprieve from the cold winter months. Its 30km of tunnels feature more than two thousand shops and 200 restaurants. During Nuit Blanche, more than 80 artists display their work in temporary exhibitions, while in the winter months, it's transformed into a thriving art district. During the Art Souterrain event, more than 80 artists showcase their works.